Welcome to the FNA Website

This website is intended to serve news and discussion reflecting our concern with maintaining a planet whose environment is friendly to humans and other creatures. This of course will have to include a wide range of topics, for example: food security and food sovereignty; clean water availability, for drinking and for agriculture; dealing with global warming; a clean and non-polluting energy supply; radiation and human health; peace and human rights; and many more. Since we all live in a complex and ever more connected web, these topics are all related; they are woven together and affect each other. Hopefully through these discussions we can educate ourselves about these connections and come up with some plans and ideas for action to help bring about the kind of world we all wish to see.

Farms Not Arms was originally formed as an offshoot of the PeaceRoots Alliance, a broader group formed after the 911 attacks and the invasion of Iraq, to work on peaceful solutions to the world’s [human] problems. Specifically, Farms Not Arms was formed by farmers to give farmers their own voice in the peace movement. Farmers have a unique perspective on life. Because their productive lives are so dependent upon a stable and friendly political, social, and natural environment, the perspective of farmers can be a valuable contribution to human society, a vital element in human survival. World wide, the majority of humans are still farmers, though that is changing rapidly. In the United States, a mere 3% of people are directly involved in farming. Thus the general population can lose sight of the fact that all of our food comes from only one place: the Earth. War, pollution, and destructive patterns of civilization make it increasingly difficult to produce enough clean, quality food and get it to the people who need it. The more people who are aware of this the better. Thus this blog will try to involve farmers, environmental activists, and concerned citizens in the hope that this involvement will yield some solutions and help move us towards a sustainable prosperous planet for all its inhabitants.